welcome to the faq page! here, we answer all your burning questions about essays from the heart; among other things. let’s dive in!

1. what is this blog about?

answer: this blog is a mix of heartfelt essays, deep dives into politics and history, personal stories, poetry, music, and humor. think of it as a cozy corner of the internet where we explore life’s complexities, celebrate diversity, and share stories that inspire, inform, and entertain. i wrote here about why i am doing this.

Why I Do This Blog

2. who writes for this blog?

answer: the blog is written by me, edgard—a writer, singer-songwriter, and activist based in hillcrest, san diego. i’m passionate about sharing personal insights, advocating for lgbtq+ rights, and exploring the intersections of life, love, and politics.

About Me

3. why do you write in all lowercase?

answer: great question! (i wrote about why i write in all lowercase here in more detail.) i write in all lowercase to create a more intimate, conversational tone.

it’s also a nod to my love for e.e. cummings and a way to decenter myself in the narrative, focusing on the ideas and stories instead. plus, it helps my adhd brain stay focused!

Why I Write All Lowercase

4. what topics do you cover?

answer: here’s a quick rundown:

  • personal essays and poetry: deep, reflective, and sometimes humorous takes on life’s experiences.

  • politics and history: insightful explorations of current events, historical contexts, and social justice issues.

  • music and art: reviews, recommendations, and personal stories about the music and art that move me.

  • local hillcrest content: updates and stories about what’s happening in our vibrant neighborhood of hillcrest, san diego.

5. how can i subscribe to your blog?

answer: subscribing is easy! just click on the "subscribe" button below and choose your subscription plan. we offer both free and paid subscriptions to suit your needs.

6. what’s the difference between free and paid subscriptions?


  • free subscribers: get access to most of the content, can comment on all posts, and stay updated with new posts and newsletters.

  • paid subscribers: get exclusive content like early releases of my original music, updates about my upcoming album, and guaranteed replies to comments on posts.

  • founding members: get all the perks of paid subscribers plus special recognition, exclusive invitations to virtual events, and a yearly shoutout in the blog.

7. why should i consider a paid subscription?

answer: by becoming a paid subscriber, you support my work and help me continue creating meaningful content. you’ll also get access to exclusive perks like early music releases, album updates, and guaranteed replies to your comments. it’s a win-win!

8. how can i support your work beyond subscribing?


  • share the blog with your friends, family, and social media followers.

  • like, comment, and engage with the posts.

  • follow me on instagram, tiktok, substack, and twitter.

every bit of support helps grow our community!

9. can i suggest topics or ask questions?

answer: absolutely! i love hearing from readers. feel free to comment on posts with your suggestions or questions. you can also reach out via social media or below.

Leave a comment

10. do you accept guest posts?

answer: currently, the blog is a solo endeavor, but i’m definitely open to collaborations. if you have a compelling idea that fits the blog’s themes, feel free to pitch it!

11. how do i stay updated with new posts?

answer: subscribe to the newsletter to receive email updates whenever a new post goes live. you can also follow me on social media for real-time updates and sneak peeks.

12. what’s your favorite blog post so far?

answer: that’s like asking a parent to choose their favorite child! each post holds a special place in my heart, but if i had to pick, the deep dive on the history and politics of puerto rico stands out as something i’m very much proud of. it’s a topic close to my heart and an important story to tell.

13. can i meet you in person?

answer: i’m often around hillcrest and university heights, attending local events and supporting community initiatives. follow me on social media to know where i’ll be next!

14. any funny or quirky facts about the blog?

answer: here’s a quirky fact: i sometimes write my posts with a cat on my lap (even though i don’t have a cat, it’s an imaginary one) and a cup of tea in hand. or a cherry coke. the blog’s name itself, essays from the heart; among other things, was inspired by a late-night brainstorming session fueled by way too much tea.

thanks for stopping by the faq page!

i hope this answers your questions and gives you a better sense of what this blog is all about.

if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. happy reading!

until next time,