essays from the heart; among other things

heartfelt essays on life, politics, & relationships, with music, poetry, & sparks of humor mixed in. a personal blog reflecting personal views.

essays from the heart; among other things is a space where i, edgard portela, share deeply personal reflections on various aspects of life.

from navigating relationships, exploring political landscapes, to sharing my passion for music & poetry, this blog is a blend of heartfelt stories & commentary that hopefully you will find interesting.

rooted in the communities of hillcrest & university heights in san diego, ca, my writing offers my lens on local issues as well, while connecting to broader human experiences.

my motto and purpose is simple: ✨to inspire, to inform, and to love.


  • essays: personal essays, poetry, the "heart” of the blog. mostly deeply personal content & opinions. this includes humor & satire, often shedding light on different facets of my life story and experiences.

  • political and social commentary: thoughtful analysis & commentary on current political & social issues, with a focus on how they impact our lives. this section will explore topics such as justice, equity, and the broader implications of policy decisions.

  • music and art: updates about my original music, insights into my creative process, & reviews or features on other artists & works that inspire me. this will include exclusive releases & behind-the-scenes looks at my upcoming projects.

  • local focus on hillcrest and university heights, san diego: content that highlights the unique aspects of these vibrant communities. expect stories about local events, profiles of interesting people and places, and reflections on what makes these neighborhoods special.

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Hi! This is me, I’m Edgard.

about me

i’m edgard portela. i am a writer, singer-songwriter, & community activist with a passion for storytelling & community engagement. through my essays, i aim to spark thoughtful conversations & inspire meaningful connections.

the things i create are deeply influenced by my experiences as someone who is puerto rican, queer, and non-binary. i’ve lived in puerto rico, the midwest, vermont, & washington, dc before landing in hillcrest & university heights in san diego, ca. i find endless inspiration in san diego & my fellow queer people who make these neighborhoods so vibrant.

with nearly 20k followers on tiktok, i engage a diverse audience through authentic storytelling and engaging content.

i invite you to join me on this journey, to connect, share, and grow together.

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heartfelt essays on life, politics, & relationships, with music, poetry, & sparks of humor mixed in. a personal blog reflecting personal views. ✨to inspire, to inform, and to love. ✨ TikTok: eddyplolz (17.4K)


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